The Club offers recreational youth soccer for players from U5-U15 age groups. The “U” indicates “under the age of”.
Teams are formed with players from each respective age group and are mixed sexes.

  • Teams in the U5 category are composed of 3&4 year olds.
  • Teams in the U7 category are composed of 5&6 year olds.
  • Teams in the U9 category are composed of 7&8 year olds.
  • Teams in the U11 category are composed of 9&10 year olds.
  • Teams in the U13 category are composed of 11&12 year olds.
  • Teams in the U15 category are composed of 13&14 year olds.

The age category for each player is determined as of January 1.
As an example, if a player turns 15 after January 1 they would be eligible to play in the U15 category.

All players in the Club must wear soccer cleats and shin pads. Other sporting cleats are not permitted


The Coaching Pathway

The Smoky River Soccer Club follows the Coaching Pathway in supporting and advancing the coaching skills of the Club coaches. The Coaching Pathway is inspired by Canada Soccer’s Long-Term Player Development plan and is informed by the Coaching Association of Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development model.

The Grassroots Program provides certification for coaches with teams from U5-U15 and is organized as follows:

  • Active Start-U5
  • Fundamentals-U7 & U9
  • Learn to Train-U11
  • Soccer for Life-U13 &U 15

The Club encourages all coaches to work towards obtaining certification and advancing their coaching skills. In order to facilitate this, the Club arranges certification courses annually within the region. If you are intereted in furthering your skills as a coach, please see the “News” section on the home page for the Club for upcoming certification courses or contact the Executive at any time.